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Why choose over other similiar services?

The First Key Difference - We've done the Research!

Researching financial solutions for your situation can be frustrating and confusing to say the very least especially if your credit history is less than ideal. For many individuals it can be awkward walking into a bank looking for debt relief instead, use the Directory Resource we provide to seek the best option for your needs before you approach any financial institution. What the majority of people don't realise is that financial institutions are only one avenue of relief from financial worries. There are countless debt solution options available for those who know where to look.

The Second Key Difference - Easy Application.

If you want to apply for advice or want more information regarding your situation this is our point of difference. Confidentiality and tact are paramount when assessing your case. We ensure a quick and simple solution where you submit an application form outlining your debt situation to our participating brokers who will then find suppliers keen to compete for your business. You start by submitting a Confidential Debt Relief Application Form. It only takes a short time to complete and could be the beginning of new possibilities for you.

The Third Key Difference - We Train You.

Clients who use our services are not left to their own devices. We provide education, training and practical examples of how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, save money and become financially independent. Our step-by-step lessons teach you how to put the money principles taught by the Richest Man in Babylon to work in your life. No fillers, just the facts about how to build wealth and abundance fast! This is a FREE course valued at $167.

The Fourth Key Difference - Empower yourself with Knowledge.

Want to do some research yourself? We can help here also. We have compiled an extensive directory of Debt Consolidation Connections for Australia and United States of America. The end result is a directory with thousands of listings! Feel free to Search and Browse the listings in your area to find that perfect debt consolidation contact! Simply use The Directory to contact the various businesses. Speak with the contacts that show interest in your situation and choose the contact you feel comfortable with. It's as simple as that.

The Fifth Key Difference - An Individual Solution for You.

Send In Your Personal Debt Solution Request. Everything begins with our very simple submission procedure so we can present your application to partnering brokers to access numerous competing credit consolidators who will provide suggestions for your business! It's time to stand up for change, get out of debt and begin using the services of companies who want to understand your circumstances and genuinely wish to assist with solutions for you now! Submit Your Request NOW does not provide loans or mortgages, and is also not an acting broker in any capacity. is an editorial & directory publishing service and an advertising intermediary connecting borrowers with brokers or otherwise services relevent to their specified needs. is compensated by its advertisers for referring qualified site users who submit a request for a lending/mortgage quote from advertisers who are matched to the users needs. Please see our compensation disclosure and privacy policy for full details on our operating procedures.

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